​​​​Thank You     Thank You    Thank You

Thanks to all who came out RSD Day and Weekend !

Due to the Generosity of all the early arrivals

And the immense turnout we were able to raise $300

For the New York Bully Crew ( Dog Rescue Group )

And another $300 for various Humane Groups as well 


10% of our CD and vintage vinyl sales will also go to the charities.

This year we donated half of the money raised to New York Bully Crew, an amazing rescue who specializes in Pit Bull / Bully breeds because of how mistreated and misrepresented the lovable bully breeds are. Like all true animal lovers, they still help any animal in need of rescue no matter the breed, because no animal in need should be turned away. They are truly a wonderful charity we are proud to be donating to this year!

We will also be using half of the money donated to buy supplies for animal rescues in need. Often when we approach rescues they ask for supplies to be donated rather than money because supplies can dwindle fast in the animal rescue business! We are proud to introduce this new type of donation to RSD and will let all our customers know how it works out!

If you know of a Humane Animal Group that has needs help, and is close to your heart, 

Feel Free to email us to discuss.  It is one of our Pet Projects that we

are always involved in behind the scenes

Any questions? Call us at 516-221-0634 or send us a message on our Facebook Page at ​https://www.facebook.com/InfinityRecordsUSA/

Record Store Day Weekend April 21st-22nd 2018

510 Park Blvd

Massapequa Park, NY 11762


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